1. How much does it cost to enter these awards?

The standard fees are GBP375 for a single category entry or your first category entry, and GBP275 for each additional category entries. Organisations eligible for discounts (SMEs* and non-Corporates) pay GBP199 per category, regardless of how many categories are entered. Corporate Register Full Members may enter one category free of charge, Affiliate Members receive 50% discount on their first category entry. More on Membership here.

*We define SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) as an organisation with fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than €50m.

2. Which reports are eligible?

The report must be available in English.

The report must have been published between September 1st 2020 and November 26th 2021.

3. What are the award categories?

For a listing of our categories, and more detailed explanations, click here.

4. What's the process and timing?

For the CRRA'22 the Call for Entries will take place on September 15th 2021. The list will close on November 26th 2021 and we then shortlist the entrants.

We use a comprehensive framework of criteria based on Content, Communications and Credibility (our '3C's which we developed nearly 20 years ago) and rank each entry against dozens of individual criteria. Each report is given a score out of 100, which allows us to select the top 10 reports for each category - these reports form our shortlist which goes forward for online voting.

The shortlisting and checking back with the reporting companies all takes several weeks, so the Voting Platform will open in Summer 2022.

The Voting Platform will remain open to our tens of thousands of registered site users for several weeks - we anticipate 2 months.

We'll announce the winners and publish our free CRRA Annual Report in Autumn 2022.

5. Who can vote for the CRRA?

Voting is open to all signed-up Corporate Register users. It’s free to sign up. Please note that we have voting integrity procedures to ensure voters are genuine stakeholders. If you are an employee of an organisation entered in the CRRA, we won’t allow votes for your own organisation – these will be deleted.

6. How many winners will there be for each category?

There will be one winner per category together with first and second runner-up, all three will receive a mention in the CRRA report.

7. Do entrants receive feedback?

Yes, we make every effort to collect feedback and report back to organisations participating in the CRRA. Every entrant will receive feedback on the shortlisting process, and every shortlisted entrant (ten per category) receives a full feedback report with charts and statistics when the voting is concluded. Sample report here and here.

8. Will you continue to publish an annual CRRA report?

Yes, as in previous years we will publish a report which will outline current reporting trends, give details of category winners and runners-up, together with hot reporting topics. This report will be available from Corporate Register as a free download for registered users.